The Hangar Flight Museum

The Hangar Flight Museum

For a unique experience in Calgary, visit The Hangar Flight Museum. This aviation museum displays more than twenty-four different types of aircraft. It’s the perfect place for children and adults alike to learn about the history of aviation and flight. If you’re considering visiting Calgary, here are some tips to make your visit an educational one. You’ll want to check out their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. They also have a newsletter you can sign up for.


First opened in 1924, the Hangar Flight Museum was once known as the Aerospace Museum of Canada. The museum housed an extensive collection of privately owned aircraft. In 1971, the City of Calgary took possession of these assets, and a new location for the museum was found in a planetarium. In 1975, the museum reopened as The Hangar Flight Museum, which showcases the history of flight in Western Canada.


In addition to showcasing the aircraft, the Hangar Flight Museum is also home to the Aviation Hall of Fame. The museum will house inductee panels of Canadian aviation pioneers, including many women chief engineers. The Hangar Flight Museum Calgary AB is a perfect place for aviation history enthusiasts and those interested in Canadian history. There are also cool displays and knowledgeable staff. You’ll be glad you visited. The museum is located near the airport. Check this out


The hangar Flight Museum Calgary AB features many aircraft from all eras of aviation. You can learn about the history of flight from a variety of aircraft, as well as radio equipment and aviation art prints. The museum also features a library, popular brunch, and events throughout the year. There’s plenty to keep you busy during your visit at The Hangar Flight Museum Calgary AB. Take some time to explore this unique place!


When visiting Calgary, make sure to pack some sunscreen! Calgary is a wonderful destination year-round. Although you can visit this museum anytime, the best time to visit is in June through August, when temperatures are pleasant for sightseeing and snowboarding. The Hangar Flight Museum Calgary AB is located just south of downtown Calgary. Calgary is served by two airports – the downtown and the surrounding areas. Calgary International Airport has direct flights to many major Canadian cities. You can also find scheduled flights to Mexico and East Asia.


If you are planning a trip to Calgary, make sure to take in the history of the city. Heritage Park is a traditional pioneer village with dozens of reconstructed historical buildings and costumed interpreters from different time periods. The museum also includes an old steam engine, as well as a paddle wheel tour boat for a scenic cruise across the Glenmore Reservoir. The Calgary Tower is a landmark of the city and is worth visiting, even if you’re just visiting.


The Hangar Flight Museum is currently searching for a permanent home. They’re going to need additional space to house their aircraft under fabric roofs, including a refurbished Avro Lancaster bomber. In the meantime, the museum is working on the restoration of a CF-100 Canuck jet fighter, costing around $400,000 in total. It’s on schedule and should be ready for public display in summer 2023. Discovery calgary here