Importance of Local SEO and the Benefits

Local SEO

Local businesses rely on word of mouth and walk-in traffic to succeed. These days, word of mouth has moved online. It is indexed by search engines and served up whenever a potential visitor looks for a topic connected to that business.

Websites like Yelp! have thousands of reviews from customers who have had firsthand experience with your company – they offer the best kind of word-of-mouth marketing because it doesn’t cost anything.

Where is your business listed? Do you have a presence on Google Business Maps or Calgary Support Local? Are your reviews scattered across other review sites, such as Angieslist or Yahoo? These are some of the questions you need to answer before you can decide how to enhance your local business SEO.


Local SEO Benefits
local SEO benefits

First, start with a basic analysis of your current Local SEO:


• What keywords are used to find your business and/or your competitors’ businesses? (Enter whatever keyword phrase you want into Google and see what comes up.

• What search terms are most frequently used to find your business?

• How mobile-friendly is your website? How easy is it to navigate with a mobile device (phone, iPad)? Are you trying to find customers in a location away from the place where most people shop (e.g. hotel, travel agency)?

• What is your business’s review score on Yelp? The best way to get a solid review score is to have constant customer service in the form of an excellent phone experience.

• How well are your customer reviews indexed by Google? You can check this on Google’s Business Pages. Like Yelp, Google’s pages display several hundred thousand reviews from consumers who have found a business through search. There are also pages for businesses that have been manually indexed by Google.

Next, assess the Local SEO of your competitors:


Do they have a website with a positive Google review? If so, how many stars does it have out of 5? How do their reviews compare with yours? Are they better than you in every category?

If they are better than you, is that something you are willing to live with? What changes could you make to catch up to them in the search rankings? Will your business be at risk. Know your competition.

How To Check Your Competitor’s Local SEO

  1. Look at your competitor’s keywords. …
  2. Learn about their domain data and backlinks.
  3. Gather data about your competitors‘ social media presence.
  4. Analyze the top websites.
  5. Check their on-page SEO.
  6. Look at your competitor’s website speed.
  7. More useful tools for checking your competitor’s SEO.

Try using a Local SEO Agency to help you analyze the competition. Local SEO benefits are designed to improve the visibility of your business, not just your product, service, or solution. You want your business website to show up on local search queries.

For example, here is a search engine result page for a Marketing Agency Calgary.

Local SEO

Local SEO Benefits

Almost half of all Google searches are local. The first thing people do when they want to find a business nearby is look it up on Google. Having a strong online presence is important for local businesses.

Having your listing high in the search results will give you an edge over your competitors. It will show your potential customers that you’re easy to find and that your business is trusted and popular.

This brings in more walk-in traffic, which can lead to more sales. The goal of local SEO is to reach people who are actively looking for goods or services in the area.

Web Site SEO


Website SEO services are provided by many big search engine companies that charge a lot for such services and become unaffordable to small businesses. Offerings of free SEO services have not been popular so far, but now there are some SEO tools available on the internet that provide free local SEO services.

Local SEO is a process of optimizing website content to increase its visibility, page ranking, and authority within online search engines. With the help of advanced techniques like “social bookmarking” and “blogging”, it is easier to boost traffic on websites these days.

The best way to increase the visibility of your website is by focusing on content marketing so that users get to see it more often. One can always boost visibility by providing relevant and original content.

Many of the local businesses have put themselves in serious trouble when not only their website content is poor but also they are not able to effectively market it or get it seen by potential customers. The number of business failures has increased drastically due to the lack of effective marketing techniques. If your business depends on local customers, then it is imperative that you ensure that your website content is highly optimized.

You can always use Local SEO services if you are struggling to get your site to rank for targeted keywords and phrases. Bulldog Marketing Agency in Calgary can help increase your online presence call (587) 844-6503 or book a free consultation today.

Look at these website elements to determine your current Local SEO performance.


  • Speed: A website that loads too slowly loses visitors quickly.
  • Mobile-responsiveness: How does your website appear on a smaller screen of a mobile device? Mobile responsiveness is especially important for local SEO, as people may search for your business while they’re out.
  • Error pages and broken links: Are you frustrated when you see a page that says, “404?” So are your visitors.
  • Security: Make your site secure by obtaining a valid SSL certificate from your domain provider.
  • Page titles: Make sure every page has a clear, concise title. Check for duplicate titles, because they will compete with one another for page rank on search engines.
  • Keyword optimization: Use a single keyword per page and make sure it appears on the page title, meta description, alt tags (HTML image tags), and headings in content.

Speed, mobile responsiveness, and security are all elements you optimize when building the framework of your website. Optimize keywords in the content you produce and the words you use to label pages.

Developing content around keywords and phrases would seem to be a logical strategy for getting found on search engines. But it often backfires, it’s not the keywords that drive traffic to a site; it’s the content surrounding the keywords. And that content has to be remarkable, arresting, captivating. In other words, if you want to get found on Google and other major search engines through your content, create remarkable stuff your users will want to read and share.

Consider the example of a business that sells jewelry. If they want to rank high for searches on the phrase “necklace,” they have to create content that is remarkable, arresting, and captivating. They need to use adjectives like gorgeous, beautiful, elegant. They need to use metaphors and similes — phrases like “eye-catching” or “must-have.

No one is going to link to a page that’s boring, and no one is going to share content that’s just words. You have to create remarkable content that you could not find anywhere else on the web. And if you do those things, other people will link to your content and other people will share it. You’ll get traffic from all over, not just from search engines. This all comes down to hiring a local SEO agency that does the job for you.

Place your unique keyword in these places:

  • Copy: The text-based content on the web page
  • Title tag: The title of the web page that shows up on the results page and in the web browser tab when the page is open
  • Meta description: A brief introduction to your web page that shows below the title on the results page

Build links to your website

Link building is (still) a vital element of your ‘off-page SEO (i.e. all the activities you do away from your site to raise your spot in search).

So you’re not already doing so, it’s time to put link building at the heart of your SEO marketing strategy. The reason I say this is because there are now a number of changes to the way Google looks at links for SEO purposes. Link building is as important as ever, but make sure it’s done correctly!

Most people link to get found by Google. Put quite simply, no one wants to link to sites that give bad user experiences or haven’t taken any care with their site. If you want people to link to you, spend time and effort on producing good, solid content that your audience wants to share.

So as you can see it is important to create good content to be found locally it takes time and effort to get ranked on Google today.  We at Bulldog Marketing are always here to help we have a great web designer that can rebuild your page for optimization. let us know what we can do for you.

Local SEO benefits all local business 

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