Bowness Park

Bowness Park

If you’re looking for a beautiful and serene place to spend your day in Calgary, you might want to consider visiting Bowness Park. This urban park is located in Calgary’s northwest quadrant and is 30 hectares in size. Its waterfront canal serves as the park’s main source of water, which makes it a popular spot for picnics, boating, and ice skating during the winter. The park is also home to a number of different lakes and other bodies of water.


Bowness Park is a great place to spend your summer or winter. Located in the northwest part of Calgary, this park sits along the Bow River and sits across from Baker Park. The park features a lagoon and is open from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. It also features a fire pit, and offers ice skating on the 1.6-kilometer-long ice trail.


In the past, Bowness Park featured amusement park rides. While there are no rides now, the park has an excellent wading pool. The park also features a carousel, but is no longer available for camping. Restoration efforts were halted in 2013 due to the disastrous flood that hit the area, and much of the park’s equipment was destroyed or ruined. Despite this, Bowness Park is still Calgary’s urban playground. Great Read!


In addition to the mini-train, Bowness Park is home to a picturesque urban park with bike paths, picnic tables, and a lagoon. Originally a recreational area, Bowness Park was built on land donated by local land developer John Hextall. Calgarians used to flock to the park on the weekend because of its amenities. During the first decades, Bowness Park was home to a swimming pool, a carousel, and even a phonograph. Throughout its history, Bowness Park has grown into a place where families can relax and rejuvenate themselves.


Located on the banks of the Bow River, Bowness Park is an oasis for outdoor enthusiasts. The park offers picnic tables, barbecue grills, and bbq stands, as well as a wading pool. During the summer months, the University of Calgary Outdoor Centre offers mini train rides through the park. Visitors can also rent boats and enjoy ice skating on the lagoon. There is also a free shuttle from Baker Park to Bowness Park.


The city of Calgary hosts a variety of free guided tours of the park’s trails, which teach about its natural and cultural history. Although children are welcome to participate in these tours, a parent or guardian must accompany them. During nature events, it is important to follow Alberta Health Services guidelines to prevent illness and injury. Using masks and hand sanitizer is recommended to protect from mosquito bites. However, the City of Calgary holds the right to cancel a nature event at any time. Click for more info


In the 1930s, Bowness Park became the holiday grounds for the city’s residents. During that time, the Calgary Municipal Railway dispatched two streetcars and a trailer to shuttle visitors to and from the park. The park even had a miniature golf course for recreational activities in the 1930s. And the park’s popularity increased exponentially. These activities have made it one of Calgary’s most picturesque parks.