Bow Habitat Station & Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery

Bow Habitat Station & Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery

For those who love to see the world’s most famous animals, a visit to Bow Habitat Station & Sam Livingston’s Fish Hatchery in Calgary AB is a must! Not only is this complex home to a collection of stunning fish, but it also features aquariums and immersive exhibits about Alberta’s aquatic species. Visiting the complex also means you get to take a tour of its trout hatchery.


The Bow Habitat Station combines four distinct attractions in one: a Discovery Center with aquatic exhibits, an Interpretive Wetland, and a Trout Pond. With so many elements to explore, Bow Habitat Station is sure to capture your attention and inspire your children’s imagination. You can even take a picnic lunch on the site while learning about the process of raising millions of trout annually.


If you want to get out and explore the wetland, you can park your car at the adjacent Pearce Estate parking lot. You can also bike or walk to this location along with Calgary’s pathway system. The park offers picnic facilities and exploration trails, and guided tours of the hatchery are available. Tours at the Fish Hatchery last approximately two hours. You can picnic in the Interpretive Wetland during your visit. Discover more about Calgary here!


While you’re at it, make sure you take the time to visit the Hatchery Museum. This museum features interactive exhibits, a gift shop, and overlooks of the surrounding natural habitat. The facility houses one of the largest enclosed fish hatcheries in North America and boasts over one million fish annually. In addition, you can feed the fish and observe the natural wildlife.


This area also contains many parks and nature preserves. The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Bow Habitat Station, and Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery are located in this eco-sensitive area. Nearby, 9th Avenue SE and the Deerfoot Trail allow you to access downtown Calgary, as well as the university campus. Inglewood is a hip, urban neighborhood, centered around 9th Avenue SE. Browse around this site


Another popular attraction in Calgary is the historic Fort Calgary. The Fort was built in 1875 and was the first outpost of the northwest Mounted Police. It features a museum detailing the city’s founding. Across the bridge, the Deane House is located. When visiting Fort Calgary, make sure to plan to spend the day there. It’s a fascinating museum, and it deserves your time.


If you’re interested in learning about the world’s flora and fauna, you can visit the city’s large natural area park, Carburn Park. This park is home to wildlife, waterfowl, and a diverse array of wildflowers and flowers. The park also includes three ponds for non-motorized water sports. In the winter, the ponds serve as an ice skating rink.


Those who prefer a more personalized tour can choose a self-guided tour of the facility. You can use your smartphone, headphones, and other equipment to take a tour of the facility. Just be aware that provincial health guidelines require self-guided tours. You can plan your trip from two to four hours. The self-guided tour lasts approximately two hours.